The seventh annual Yellowstone Valley Gives celebrates local nonprofits by hosting a donation event for the month of May. The goal of the donation event is to inspire others in the Yellowstone Valley region to show their local pride by supporting the philanthropic work of nonprofits and their efforts to help provide resources for the most vulnerable populations in the community. 

Donations of any amount help continue the efforts of so many local nonprofit organizations. Yellowstone Valley Gives is an effort part of the Billings Community Foundation and helps to connect donors with a nonprofit organization they find the most inspiring in their communal efforts. 

So far, the highest amounts raised for nonprofits are the Billings TrailNet, Horses Spirits Healing Inc., RiverStone Health Foundation, and Planned Parenthood of Montana. Countless other nonprofit organizations can receive donations, like the Moss Mansion Museum and the Billings Symphony.

Over 60,000 dollars have been earned with more than 200 donors and close to 50 organizations part of Yellowstone Valley Gives. The live celebration of the event was held May 5-6.

Donations for the Billings Artspace Project are also welcome. The Billings Artspace Project helps create work or live-in apartments for local artists in the downtown area of Billings. One of the visions for the nonprofit organization is to inspire local artists’ creativity by revitalizing downtown Billings. The efforts from the Artspace Project can help stimulate economic growth and make the growing downtown area of Billings a local/tourist hotspot.

Both donation events help keep the efforts of nonprofit organizations that benefit the Yellowstone Valley area of Montana.