ZooMontana hosted 406 Pride’s Drag Story Hour Wednesday and brought a fantastic turnout! Protesters against the event were just outside of the zoo entrance and remained respectful of everyone who attended while on public property. 

Police officers were present to ensure the event went smoothly and safely. Jeff Ewelt, Executive director of ZooMontana, says they were okay with having protestors there since they have a right to what they believe in and do not wish to take that away from them. 

“What I’m most excited about for this event is when it’s over, to show that it’s not quite what people think it was. It literally is somebody in a dress reading a book,” Ewelt says.

Ewelt also understands the event does not fit everybody’s beliefs, but many in the community feel this is a great and important event which is what it is all about. “We are very excited to host, and that’s what it’s all about is that we are open to all that want to have events here. As long as nobody’s spewing hate, we are for it.”

Children and their families gathered to intently listen to all the stories read at the four-hour event. Guests also had the opportunity to meet the drag queen performers and take pictures with them. Drag Story hour promotes literacy with 25 selected stories handpicked for the event. Guests of the event also got to explore the zoo and all the magnificent animals that live there. 

The money raised from Drag Story Hour goes to ZooMontana and the 406 Pride charity organization.