With crime rates going up, it’s reassuring to know that not all areas of town are littered with crime and suspicious behavior.

According to the January 2022 task force area report by the Billings Police Department, there are several areas in town that show low numbers of crime.

One area of town with the least amount of crime in the last six months has been the Rimrock area near Zimmerman Trail.

Last month, there were about 67 calls for service and only eight of those calls resulted in a police report. Most of the calls made were about suspicious activity. There has been a total of 17 offenses in the area since July and only seven arrests were made in December.

Another area with relatively low numbers of crime is Pioneer Park near Senior High School.

In the last six months, there have been 37 offenses in the area. In December, there were only 10 arrests and five offenses made. There were also about 112 calls for service and only 30 resulted in police reports last month as well.

Comparing these numbers in the area from the 2020 area report, there were a total of 40 offenses from July to December. The reports for December also showed a total of six arrests made in the area.

Another area of Billings that has proven to be relatively safe is the midtown community.

In December, 500 calls for service were made but less than half of that number ended in a police report. 44 arrests were also made in the same month. While the number of offenses in the last six months were higher than the Rimrock and Pioneer Park areas, the crime rates are still relatively low when compared to other areas of town.

If you do see suspicious activities or other crime related behavior in your area of town, be sure to contact the police or other local authorities.