Billings Police Department outlines recent inappropriate content during online meetings and recommended security procedures

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The BPD has received two (2) reports of inappropriate access into internet video conference meetings.

On May 3rd, the BPD received a report from the First Congressional Church regarding video shared by a participant during an online meeting that same day on May 3rd. A recorded video involving child pornography was shared during the meeting. The case was referred to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force and is currently under investigation.

On May 4th, the BPD received a report from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship regarding inappropriate behavior during an online meeting on April 26th. The reported incident was inappropriate in nature involving an unidentified adult male. The BPD has documented the incident and is being treated as informational only. The investigation was inactivated.

Regarding online meeting and video conference security practices. The public is encouraged to research the specific platform they use and follow the recommended security procedures.

In general:

  • Create a unique ID and password for each meeting.
  • Don’t publicly publish meeting ID and passwords.
  • Use invitation only functions.
  • Enable waiting room functions.
  • Disable join before host, screen sharing, and other remote functions.
  • Lock the meeting once everyone has joined.

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