Montana’s students demonstrate the importance of wildfire prevention through art

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Missoula, MT, March 28, 2019 – 2019 marks Keep Montana Green’s (KMG) 58th year of offering a statewide art contest for K-12 students!

In Montana 60% of our wildfires are human-caused. KMG’s mission and the goal of the art contest is to promote awareness on how to prevent human-caused wildfires. The contest theme this year was, “Prepare, Protect, Prevent”. 

Over 2,500 students and 115 teachers from 100 schools across the state participated in this year’s contest. The art entries are first judged regionally where first, second, third are decided. Then, those entries are sent to Missoula, to be judged with winners from all six regions. The statewide winners receive cash prizes and statewide recognition. 

Congratulations to all our 2019 Winners!! This year’s artwork was VERY impressive, and the contest was VERY competitive!!!! Keep up the great work!!

Statewide Winner Lena Gantner, 12th grade, Ms. Peggy Unterseher, Roundup Jr/Sr High School

Primary Division, Grades K-3:
1st Place Kaiya Rosenberg, 3rd grade, Mrs. Sullivan, Graff Elementary, Laurel
2nd Place Breckin E. Frederick, 3rd grade, Ms. Natalie Colombo, Meadowlark Elementary, Bozeman
3rd Place Phebe Smiley, 3rd grade, Mrs. Kempke, West Glacier Elementary, West Glacier

Intermediate Division, Grades 4-6:
1st Place Abigail Wheeler, 6th grade, Mr. Kuhl, Superior Elementary, Superior
2nd Place Kadin Graveley, 6th grade, Ms. Phillips, Helmville School, Helmville
3rd Place Davin Graves, 4th grade, Mrs. Sullivan, Graff Elementary, Laurel
Honorable Mention Sawyer Drake, 6th grade, Mrs. Spyke, LaMotte School, Bozeman

Junior Division, Grades 7-9:
1st Place Aryella Andring, 8th grade, Mr. Duane Larsen, Froid School, Froid
2nd Place Julia Thompson, 8th grade, Mrs. Jennifer Burnett, Montana City School, Clancy
3rd Place Kamea FourStar, 9th grade, Ms. Schultz, Wolf Point High School, Wolf Point
Honorable Mention Kevin Hilmo, 8th grade, Ms. Graveley, Drummond School, Drummond 
Honorable Mention Peyton Butcher, 9th grade, Mrs. Kristen Cole, Plains High School, Plains

Senior Division, Grades 10-12:
1st Place Grace Elizabeth, 11th grade, Skyview High School, Billings
2nd Place Jessica Kinamon, 12th grade, Mr. Larry Goyette, Conrad High School, Conrad
3rd Place Victoria Schneider, 11th grade, Ms. Lindi O’Brien, Fromberg School, Fromberg
Special Education, Grades K-6:
1st Place Keedrin Covers Up, 2nd grade, Miss Barth, Mrs. Bruce, Hardin Primary, Hardin
2nd Place Dominick Balston, 4th grade, Ms. Whitney Polich, Fort Shaw Elementary, Fort Shaw
3rd Place Gradie Undem, 4th grade, Ms. Huckins, Terry Public Schools, Terry

Special Education, Grades 7-12:
1st Place Jacob Kinn, 12 grade, Ms. Huckins, Terry Public School, Terry
2nd Place Kolton Johnston, 10th grade, Mrs. Kristen Cole, Plains High School, Plains
3rd Place Audrey Mintz, 8th grade, Ms. Huckins, Terry Public School, Terry

Computer Generated Division K-12:
1st Place Josie Baggett, 11th grade, Ms. Arceniega, Hamilton High School, Hamilton
2nd Place Carter Derks, 9th grade, Mrs. Mandy Wichman, Hobson High School, Hobson
3rd Place Grace Loose, 9th grade, Mrs. Mandy Wichman, Hobson High School, Hobson

Our Story
Since KMG’s formation at the end of World War II, the organization has been dedicated to the prevention of human-caused wildfires. KMG was formed in 1945, chartered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in 1961 and is governed by a Board of Directors representative of its membership. The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation has supported KMG since its inception and continues to provide the association with an Executive Director and office facilities. KMG maintains active public education and media programs focused on the prevention of wildfires in Montana.
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In Montana, all things wildfire prevention start with KMG. Visit; Like Us on, and don’t forget to Follow Us Crystal Beckman, Executive Director,, 406-542-4251. 

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