Sixth annual Ingomar Ranch Rodeo and Big Loop Labor Day Weekend on Sat. Sept. 5th, 2020

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Gather yourselves up and come on over to the Sixth Annual Ingomar Ranch Rodeo and Big Loop event, Sat., Sept. 5th, at the rodeo arena in Ingomar, MT. It is a Git ‘er Done, guys, gals or mixed team event that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as you grab a bite of your smoked roast beef sandwich, a sip of cold beer or lemonade, and hang on fer the ride! It is a day of fun for the whole family.

It begins at 9:00AM, with a rules meeting followed with the Calcutta, where attendees can put their money on a favorite team. Cowhands will then get busy roping, sorting, penning, milking, bucking and whatever else it takes to get the job done to become the high point Ingomar Ranch Rodeo 2020 Champions. The final two events, Team sorting and Ranch broncs will also be Calcutta’d just before those events. Prizes, money and pride go to the winning team. Not to mention a Top Hand and Top Horse award presented at the close of the day. And there will be fun things for youngsters to do as well.

Announcer and cowhand Andrew Johnson, who knows the ins and outs of Ranch Rodeo, will keep you entertained as he presents facts (perhaps sprinkled with fiction), noting the finer points of the competitors’ style, and interesting techniques that might (accidentally) pop up during the day. Just like any ranching activity, surprises are the norm. “Top hands are top hands, be they guys, gals, or mixed teams,” added Ingomar Rodeo Club Director Donald John Cameron, “They get the job done. You will see great horsemanship, horses and livestock handling ability during the Ingomar Ranch Rodeo.”  Stock contractors Pat Cremer and Shane Vaira are providing the wild cows, steers, and bucking broncs respectively. In fact, folklore has it that the stock can’t wait to give each cowhand a definite run for their money at Ingomar. “The broncs will be on the lookout to spoil a cowboy’s day,” smiled cowboy poet and Ingomar resident Owen Badgett. The Ingomar arena is also sporting two new bucking chutes thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Rosebud County.

One of Ingomar Ranch Rodeo’s previous events included a buckskin horse (that was NOT in the bronc event) bucking his rider off on the way to roping a steer. Ropes got crossed, steers were pretty much dumfounded, and the crowd was on their feet cheering. Competition is the name of the game as teams also compete to participate in Tery, MT at the Eastern Montana Ranch Rodeo Finals, Saturday, Sept. 12th.

Saturday night features a Big Loop roping event, where cowhands work to rope steers while avoiding roping themselves and passersby. “There is a lot going on when you are winding up 18ft loops,” added Ingomar Rodeo Club President Howard Newman. Crowds are encouraged to duck if an errant loop comes their way.

For great grub, be sure to stop by the rodeo club cook shack for a smoked roast beef sandwich or dinner. For a cold beer, visit the beer booth, open all day Sat.  For more info call Alice Cameron at 406-358-2255. Tickets for the event are $10/adults, $5/7-12 years, 6 & under/free. We will observe Governor’s directive for attendees wearing masks. See ya there for a fun Labor Day weekend.

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