Yellowstone Historical Society Fall Programs: open to the public

Billings Area Highlights

New meeting location: Hilton Garden Inn, 2465 Grant Ave

5:30: meet and greet
6:00 meals ( $20 pp. need reservations by Tuesday before the meeting) 
6:45 programs Free ( anyone can attend  only Program )

Friday September 27
The cabin at Airport Terminal Circle : Christian Coppedge ,Terry Steiner and Zach Garhart will talk about the museums beginning, a historic cabin built in 1891 by Paul McCormick, and the array of exhibits and 23,000 artifacts.  Displays discussed include the Western Room, Montana Prehistory, the Ghost Dance 1890, and more!

October 11: Into the Tall and the Uncut. Learn some contemporary history of outfitting in the West from John Billings. John was an outfitter & guide in the Thorofare Country of northwest Wyoming near Yellowstone Park for over 25 years. He will share some general history of outfitting in the Rocky Mountain West as well as some of his more memorable experiences as an outfitter. He will have copies of his book Into the Tall and the Uncut available for sale.

November 15: Yellowstone Park Buses. John Mueller of North Star Auto Body will talk about the restoration of some of the old White Motor Company buses used to ferry passengers in and around Yellowstone Park from the 1930’s into the 1960’s. The story of refurbishing the busses begins with Bus No. 437. In the mid- 1960’s the roof on a West Yellowstone shed where Bus No. 437 was stored collapsed under a heavy snow. The falling roof crushed the top of the bus and dug into the dash. The drive train & undercarriage  of the bus were spared, but the family that owned it let it sit unrepaired. In the early 2000’s Bruce Austin bought the bus and began working with North Star to have it refurbished. With parts no longer available many had to be made from scratch or refurbished. Since then, North Star has worked to restore even more of the old busses.

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