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ZooMontana Receives Two Bison

New Valley Credit Union Bison Exhibit Rounding Completion

Billings, MT (November 8, 2018) – ZooMontana is wrapping up construction on the new Valley Credit Union Bison Exhibit and plans to unveil it, and its residents, to a select few who have sponsored the exhibit.  A grand opening to the public will be planned for the end of November. 

The exhibit is possible thanks to a generous gift from Valley Credit Union.  CEO Darla Card is excited about their partnership with the Zoo.  “Valley Credit Union is very pleased to be a part of helping ZooMontana grow by sponsoring the new Bison Exhibit.  We are very excited for the arrival of these native Montana Bison and look forward to sharing this experience with the community and visitors of our wonderful zoo” said Card.  The exhibit is several acres large and is adjacent to the Zoo’s Homestead House, which currently houses the ZooSchool Preschool.  Executive Director Jeff Ewelt is excited to bring the story of Bison to Billings.  “Bison are such an iconic part of American history”, Ewelt said.  “They deserve to have their story told and we look forward to housing America’s national mammal.”  ZooMontana recently welcomed in 1-year old Bert and 6-month-old Nellie, two native North American Bison.

Bison are the heaviest land mammals in North America, topping the scales at over a ton.  Despite their weight, they are incredibly agile and can run over 35 miles per hour.  Bison were nearly wiped out in the 19th century after settlers slaughtered nearly 50 million of them, reducing the population to only a few hundred.  Since then, the population has rebounded slightly to just over 500,000 animals.

ZooMontana will be hosting an invite only, VIP tour of the new exhibit with a sneak peek at the animals for the exhibit sponsors.  All media is invited to the VIP tour and is encouraged to attend on Thursday, November 15th at 9am at ZooMontana.

About ZooMontana
ZooMontana is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) educational organization committed to the best in animal care, conservation and wildlife education.   As Montana’s only Zoological and Botanical Park, ZooMontana is dedicated to wildlife education and conservation.  The Zoo is located at 2100 S. Shiloh Rd. in Billings, MT just off the Zoo Drive exit (443) of Interstate 90.  Find the Zoo on the web at and on Facebook.  ZooMontana is open every day at 10:00 am.

About Valley Credit Union
Since 1949, Valley Credit Union has proudly served citizens within the Big Sky Country, which now includes 11 counties across Montana and Wyoming. From the beginning, we were founded on the promise to provide accommodating, personalized service, as well as top-notch products to our members. Those founding principles are the same driving force that still directs our mission today.

Jeff Ewelt

Executive Director


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