Poly Vista Park Groundbreaking


August 24, 2021
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Poly Vista Park Groundbreaking

The City of Billings Parks and Recreation Department, in conjunction with the
Landon’s Legacy Foundation, cordially invites members of the community,
members of the media, representatives from project sponsors, and
representatives of related organizations to attend the formal Groundbreaking
Ceremony at Poly Vista Park, the future site of Landon’s Miracle Field. The
groundbreaking ceremony will take place Wednesday, September 1 at 12:15
at Poly Vista Park located at 38th Street West and Poly Drive.

The Parks and Recreation Department and the Landon’s Legacy Foundation
have collaborated to develop the first phase of Poly Vista Park. This phase of
development will include important park improvements, laying the
groundwork for fully accessible park features. Amenities in the first face of
development include mass grading of the site, paving parking areas, installing
accessible sidewalks and walkways, construction of an ADA accessible
restroom facility, and replacement of the irrigation system at the existing
four-play baseball field. Most notably, phase 1 will include the installation of
Billings’ first Miracle League Baseball Field, a special needs baseball field built
with custom designed rubberized turf field that accommodates wheelchairs
and other adaptive equipment! Landon’s Miracle Field will serve children and
adults who suffer from any physical or mental disabilities, which excludes
them from other baseball leagues.

The improvements made in this phase of development and the creation of
Landon’s Miracle Field will provide important opportunities to the community
members of Billings with physical or mental limitations to recreate. Below are
statements from project partner, Marcie Smith from Landon’s Legacy and
related organizations regarding this momentous project.

Marcie Smith, President Landon’s Legacy Foundation Board
We are excited for members of Media and the Community to join us in the
realization of our 8-year journey to bring an inclusive ballpark to Billings.
Landon’s Miracle Field will be designed to allow people of all abilities the
opportunity to enjoy the game of baseball. We are thankful for Businesses,
Foundations, Individuals and Brick Donors in helping us achieve this first
phase. For more information on the Miracle Park, Landon’s Legacy, or a
complete list of donors, please visit landonsleagacy.com.

Emily Schaff, Area Director for Special Olympics Montana’s Yellowstone Valley

Our community would strongly benefit from a special needs baseball field. The
field, known as “Miracle League,” will serve both children and adults in our
community and surrounding area who possess any physical or intellectual
disability which causes them to be excluded from other baseball leagues. The
city of Billings has the opportunity to demonstrate and be a living, breathing
example of what it means to be inclusive of all individuals of all abilities. The
YVAR has over 400 athletes registered as of October 30, 2020, ranging from
Young Athletes (under the age of 8) to school age and adult athletes (ages 8
and above, with our oldest athlete being in their 60’s). It would be appreciated
so much if we could find additional athletic opportunities to keep these
athletes active and safe within the area in which they live.

Rich Lutton, Executive Director Eagle Mount Billings
As an organization that specializes in providing therapeutic, adaptive
recreation for individuals with disabilities, we are always looking for
opportunities and facilities that can provide access for everyone. As you may
or may not be aware, 19% of Americans live with a disability. Individuals that
participate in adaptive recreation are 26% more likely to report living a
fulfilling life than those who do not. Also, individuals who participate in
adaptive sports are twice as likely to be employed. So, taking all these stats
into account, it is easy to see the benefits that Landon’s Miracle Field would
bring, not only to individuals with disabilities, but the community as a whole.

The Parks and Recreation Department and Landon’s Legacy Foundation ask
for media presence at this event. Opportunity for post ceremony interviews
will be made upon request.

For additional information, please contact Paul Reinhardt, Billings Parks and Recreation at 406-657-8308 or reinhardtp@billingsmt.gov or DeAnn Visser, Landon’s Legacy Foundation 406-780-1211.

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