It is no secret that Montana is a gambling-friendly state. Chances are there is a casino nearby wherever you may be. And it is also likely that there is another casino near that one, too. If you want to play the odds, and you have the money to do it with, your options here are numerous. This fact is exemplified in Billings, with a staggering number of casinos in operation and with inevitably more to come.

            There is, however, a notable distinction to be made in the gambling industry, particularly in Montana as with other states in which the risky endeavor is legalized. The distinction is in the availability of both computerized and live gambling, the latter of which takes the form of (live) poker. If computer-generated results – of poker and keno machines packed together tightly and numbering in the thousands statewide – are not what you are willing to bet your money on, perhaps live poker can fulfill your desire.

            An environment of a unique kind, poker rooms are widely available to test your luck in. They feature not just a place and game to gamble, but they come equipped with hospitality, community, and a more natural sense of chance and control. And chances are there is a card room closer than you may realize.

            Billings, Montana is home to a handful of live card rooms, each with their own unique environment; “house rules”, betting limits, tournaments, and new and familiar faces alike, each day populating the tables. Here is a list of active, live card rooms in Billings:

  • Bugz’s Cardroom
  • Queen of Hearts Card Club
  • Red Door Lounge
  • The Poker Parlor
  • Squire Lounge

            If gambling is on your to-do list and you are in Montana, then delight in the availability, and in the difference, found in Big Sky country. Good luck!