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Which Disney ‘Luca’ toys are best?

“Luca” is a computer-animated fantasy-comedy-drama film produced by Disney’s Pixar Studios. The film is set in a lovely seaside town on the Italian Riviera where Luca is a young boy who experiences an unforgettable summer. The big surprise is that Luca is actually a sea monster that transforms into a human when on land. 

Luca loves being on the surface with his new friend Alberto, another sea monster, and their friends Giuliana and Massimo Marcovaldo. If you are looking for a Disney “Luca” toy that includes all the main characters, take a look at the Disney Pixar Luca Deluxe Figurine Play Set.

What to know before you buy Disney ‘Luca’ toys


  • Luca Paguro is a bright and adventurous 13-year-old with boundless curiosity about the world and everything in it. His mother is Daniela Paguro. She is a sea monster who constantly warns Luca of the dangers above the surface. Luca’s father is Lorenzo, a sea monster with green scaly skin and pants made of seaweed. Lorenzo means well but is often distracted from the matter at hand.
  • Alberto Scorfano is a sea monster too, but has learned how to change into human form when he is on land. Alberto is a free spirited 14 year old orphan who helps Luca to take on a human form and overcome his doubts and fears through a series of adventures. After so much time alone, Alberto welcomes the chance to teach Luca everything he knows about humans.
  • Giulia Marcovaldo is a teenage Italian girl who is spending the summer in Portorosso with her fisherman father, Massimo and her artist mother, Maria. Giulia takes to the underdog Luca and Alberto because she is different enough from other kids to feel like an outcast. Giulia becomes friends with Luca and Alberto and joins in to help them win the Portorosso Cup. 
  • Massimo Marcovaldo is Guila’s father, a one-armed fisherman who becomes friends with Luca and Alberto. Massimo hunts sea monsters and is very respected by the townspeople. 
  • Ercole Visconti lives in Portorosso and is a 16 year old bully. He is the reigning Portorosso Cup champion. Ercole believes everyone adores him when everyone despises him.
  • Ciccio and Guido are Ercole’s henchmen and accomplices. They cause much harm and distress but by the end of the movie they reject Ercole and get their revenge on him for all his insults and abuses.
  • The Portorosso Cup is the annual triathlon held with separate events for swimming, pasta eating and cycling. The three main characters enter to try and win enough money to buy a Vespa.

What to look for in quality Disney ‘Luca’ toys


These are the collectibles of Disney Pixar’s “Luca” toy world. Figurines are available for all the main characters and come in various sizes from a few inches to more than 18 inches tall. Look for figurines that have high levels of detail and adhere closely to the details and colors from the film.

Posable figures

These action toys are favored by kids who like active play with their favorite characters. Look for posable figures where you can act out favorite scenes from the movie.

Plush toys

These are the mainstays of most characters based upon films and television shows. Most are made for young children to hug and cuddle, so look for plush toys made with safe, nontoxic materials that are gentle for kids.

How much you can expect to spend on Disney ‘Luca’ toys

Single plush, action and posable Disney “Luca” toys cost from about $10-$20 or so. Play sets and action sets cost from $20 to as much as $50.

Disney ‘Luca’ toys FAQ

How do Luca and the other sea monsters breathe while they are on land?

A. Through the magic of fantasy, Luca and the other sea monsters are able to take on human forms and do human things.

Why is the scooter so important?

A. The scooter and the big race for the Portorosso Cup are what most of the story revolves around.

What are the best Disney ‘Luca’ toys to buy?

Top Disney ‘Luca’ toy

Disney Pixar Luca Deluxe Figurine Play Set

Disney Pixar Luca Deluxe Figurine Play Set

What you need to know: All your favorite characters from “Luca” are here in a film-authentic set for kids age 3 and up.

What you’ll love: The nine sculpted figures include Luca, Alberto, Giulia, Massimo, Ercole and five others. These figures are finely detailed and true to the movie characters. Four of the characters come in sea monster form with translucent parts that enhance the sense of being underwater. 

What you should consider: Be forewarned if you buy this Disney “Luca” toy set as a gift for someone in your household that it comes in a see-through package.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney ‘Luca’ toy for the money

Disney Luca Coloring Book and Activity Bundle

Disney Luca Coloring Book and Activity Bundle

What you need to know: The 32-page color by number book has easy to follow color keys for kids 4 and up and comes with eight different colored crayons.

What you’ll love: The magic picture games that accompany the coloring book come with a mess-free magic ink marker, games, puzzles, stickers, decorations and party favors. Kids follow the maze to find shells and spot the differences between side by side pictures of “Luca” characters. 

What you should consider: Some wish there were more “Luca” books.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney and Pixar Luca Paguro Action Figure Posable Movie Toy

Disney and Pixar Luca Paguro Action Figure Posable Movie Toy

What you need to know: Relieve the coming of age story in the small seaside town of Portorosso with this 5-inch tall action figure.

What you’ll love: This Luca figure has moveable joints for posing. Swap the sea monster’s scales, webbed feet and tail for the body of a teenage boy. Wet this action figure and watch his hair and fins change color. Additional human pieces and parts are available in the Scooter Build & Crash pack, sold separately. 

What you should consider: Some say this Disney “Luca” toy would be more fun if it was larger.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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