A garage is a haven for many people. Whether you use it to store and protect your cars, perform handy work, or expand entertaining and activity space for your family, you want to make sure your garage is properly outfitted, maintained, and comfortable. One great way to do that is with our garage floor coatings.

Garage Force of Big Sky Country is your company to call Today if your garage floor needs to be revitalized, refreshed or just get a new color. Our concrete coating team works closely with the manufacturer, through research and development, to allow us to revolutionize and dominate the market for concrete floor coatings. When dry, the concrete coating creates a seamless membrane, that protects concrete floors from breaking, chipping, pitting, and spalling. The protective coating is incredibly easy to maintain, slip-resistant, durable, and extremely resistant to abrasion, impacts and chemicals. And, to top it all off (literally), our concrete coatings look great!

In addition, our product is perfect for residential or commercial garage flooring, auto shops, basements, driveways, pool decks, and anywhere else you have concrete. Protect your cement investment and provide additional safety and a brilliant look to your space. 

There are so many benefits with concrete coating:

  • One-day floor coating installation
  • Residential lifetime warranty
  • 100% Polyurea eco-safe with LEED contribution (base and topcoat)
  • Dust-free installation, low odor, no VOC
  • Flexible and up to 20X more durable than epoxy.
  • Improved slip and impact resistance
  • Resists Yellowing
  • Chemical Resistant

We offer several customization options systems, Full Chip System, Medici, Metallic, Quartz and Solid Color System. If you are still on the fence, one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives is available for your call.

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