At Vitality Healing & Wellness I combine holistic healing modalities with knowledge and experiences gained from education and work experience in various traditional psychological treatments in order to create the ideal environment for the body to heal itself. I do not feel that you can focus on only one aspect of healing i.e. the physical body, mental health, emotional health or spiritual well-being but that ALL aspects deserve equal love and gratitude for their roles in our overall health and lives. I believe that we must support them all in order to be at our best selves.

We offer both in person and video sessions


I had my first session on January 9th Focusing on my eating disorder & I can not wait to have my next. The ETF was amazing to say the least. JustinaVi was amazing, professional, & personal. She made me feel very comfortable & secure while doing our session. I feel so much better than I have in years. I feel inspired, and relieved. I cant stress how excited I am for my experience, & the change it’s going to bring to my life!

-Rebecca J.

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