Market in nearby Alder offers comforts of home

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About 10 minutes away from where athletes are competing for gold sits a small burrow called Adler that’s bringing home the gold in a much different way.

The colors, the sights, and the sounds — home for those who come to the market from nearby communities.

This man proudly tells us “he sells the best local peaches”.

Everyone seems eager to share.  Both in hopes of making a sell and out of custom.

A little further down the water flows for the fresh flowers available that leave the space smelling of roses.

Everyone has a trade or a craft that with a price tag and a smile seem to reward hard work.

One woman sells honey and asked me try it and then wants to know which kind I like best. When I answered she gives the American a gift of honey made at home.

Tuna can be bought on the spot.

It’s long before the flavor of this place has your mouth watering and your heart wanting more. The market in Adler.

And this seems to be just one of those beautiful days at the market far from America but not far from the comforts of home if you choose to walk in.

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