Sage Kotsenburg brings gold home to Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Hail the conquering hero. 

Park City, Utah’s Sage Kotsenburg returned home early Saturday morning with his gold medal he won in snowboard slopestyle at the Winter Olympics, the first American gold won in Sochi.

About 15 family members and friends greeted Kotsenburg after midnight at the Salt Lake International Airport.

“It’s embarassing,” Kotsenburg said with a laugh. “It feels pretty cool, though. It’s such a sick welcome with everyone and I’m glad to be home.”

“We’re still speechless on this thing,” said Sage’s father, Steve. “We’re just soaking it in, enjoying it all as a family and enjoying it for Utah and Park City.”

It’s been a whirlwind ride for Kotsenburg, who really had no expectations of winning a gold medal when he arrived in Sochi.

“I kind of never really thought about getting the gold,” Kotsenburg said. “I just had a bunch a fun, stayed positive and brought home a gold. So, it’s pretty sick.”

Kotsenburg had trouble getting home last night. He missed his connecting flight in Detroit because of weather issues, and was going to have to stay overnight, but a fellow passenger recognized him and gave up his ticket.

“No one would help me out, but then this guy who was with his family, it was the last seat and he gave me his standby ticket,” Kotsenburg. “So, that was really cool. Then I got on and somebody gave me his first class seat, and that was pretty sick too. So, I’m peaking way too early. I’m just getting way too pampered. The rest of life is just going to suck after this.”

Somehow, that seems doubtful.

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