GRN Reports

The movement to save animals from research labs is gaining momentum as activists adopt a strategy of working with lawmakers and with labs to release the animals once experiments are done.

Efforts to get lab animals out of confinement can’t always stop the experiments these animals were acquired for, but the movement is achieving success in helping get the animals released one they’re no longer being used for medical experimentation.

The Beagle Freedom Project is helping lead this effort by penning legislation that can be used to require labs to work with pet adoption groups. This approach enjoyed a big victory last year, when Minnesota passed a law protecting lab animals from needlessly being killed.

Now more states — New York, Connecticut, California and Nevada — have similar legislation pending that would help ensure lab animals can be cared for, instead of being killed, when they’re retired from labs. “After all these animals have endured for human products, pharmaceuticals, and academic curiosities they deserve a chance at a real life,” says the Beagle Freedom Project.

Meanwhile, the BFP continues to work directly with labs in an unique program in which people can identify a dog for release and pledge to adopt the animal. Learn more about the “Identify Campaign” in this video.

The Beagle Freedom Project also is supporting federal legislation that would ban experiments on animals for cosmetic purposes, effectively ending cruel treatment of animals for tests that could be done another way.